Artificial Intelligence Combined with Advanced Fire Behavior and Wind Field Generation Models for Accurate Fire Spread Prediction


A Team With Over 30 Years Of experience Dedicated to the In-depth Study of Fire and Wind Behavior


Development And Validation Under Operational Conditions And With The Close Collaboration Of Civil Protection Entities


Web-based platform, adaptable to any region of the world, dedicated to civil protection in the integrated and intelligent management of fires in its various stages:


Calibrated fire risk indices for each region


Real-time fire spread forecasting using advanced fire behaviour models and artificial intelligence


Advanced simulation environment for optimising combat strategies, planning and execution


Wildfire Decision Support Systems (DSS) are critical tools for civil protection authorities in the management of all wildfire stages, including prevention, planning and combat. They enable the identification of areas prone to wildfire occurrences and can quantify the fire-risk associated. This allows to timely act and apply the necessary preventive measures to reduce the fire danger, in the short and long terms. During a wildfire event, DSS can be used to simulate and predict the fire behavior, allowing the planning and pre-positioning of the firefighting teams, the evacuation of the population from the affected areas, the closing of roads and railways, and the activation of backup systems for the affected infrastructures, including energy, water, communications, and transportation.

The fire behavior simulation tools can also be used to predict the effectiveness of fire suppression actions, to better coordinate and plan such efforts, as part of a risk governance system for wildfires.